The Lake of the Ozarks is just not for summer. It is a really beautiful place to enjoy in the fall, too. But what exactly is there to do at the Lake? You are about to find out!


Pumpkin Patch

Going to the pumpkin patch has always been a fun trip for the little ones to adults. Picking your pumpkin, playing all the fall games, and enjoying some fall foods are some of the things that people look forward to doing every year.

Here are two local pumpkin patches:

Mecca Family Farm and The Cave Pumpkin Patch.

Haunted House

Like to get spooked? Going through a haunted house is definitely a fall favorite. Take a date to hold them when they get scared or go with a group of friends to laugh at all their reactions afterward.

Here is a local haunted house:

The Haunted Holler.


Fishing at the Lake is great year-round, offering some of the best fishing in the country; but autumn offers some of the best temperatures and scenery you could ask for. The water starts to cool down and the bass begins to migrate to feed. If you are a bass fisherman, this is something you cannot miss out on!

Here is a link to a few fishing guides and the fishing report - click here.

Play Golf

Playing golf is a great past time, especially at one of the most premier golf destinations in the Midwest. What's even better than playing golf? Playing golf in the fall! Enjoy the nice temperature, the crisp air, and the beautiful scenery the Lake has to offer.

Here is a link to a few golf courses at the Lake - click here.

Enjoy the Scenery

There are no words to describe how perfect the scenery is here at the Lake. You would just have to see for yourself. From trails to state parks to caves, you will never get old of seeing this beautiful lake in the fall.

Here is a link to learn more about trails, state parks, caves, and outdoor activities around the Lake - click here.


The sights, sounds, and smells of fall festivals always brings good vibes to the season. The food, the activities, the crafts are all something to look forward to. There is something for everyone at a fall festival.

Here are two local fall festivals:

Versailles Olde Tyme Apple Festival and 17th Annual Osage Beach Fall Festival