Craving a specific type of food, but do not know where to go? We made it a little easier on you and suggested the best restaurant for what you are craving here at the Lake of the Ozarks!



Wok N’ Roll

Everyone gets a craving for some oriental food from one point to another. This place knocks that craving with some of the best food out of the ballpark. They have the typical Chinese comfort food that everyone loves and awesome, intense Thai food that will blow your taste buds out of the water.




If you are looking for some great Mexican food, you have found it. The food is fresh, consistent, and authentic. They also have great prices, great services, and large portions. What all could you ask for?



Lil Rizzo’s

Authentic Italian? Heck yes. Some of these recipes that Lil Rizzo’s made from scratch with all fresh ingredients come from “The Hill” area in St. Louis. You know it is going to be great. They have a fun atmosphere with great pasta and a legendary house salad.




Home of the biggest cinnamon roll at the Lake! Stewart’s is one of those traditional diners that everyone loves and enjoys eating at. They have wonderful breakfast and excellent burgers. You get large portions and at great prices. This is a local favorite!



Blueberries Bistro

This little place is known for having some of the best breakfast dishes at the Lake. They even have a tasty fresh juice bar! This is a family restaurant with a wonderful atmosphere. They use all fresh ingredients and the staff is great.



Pepperoni Bill’s

Italian food is A-1 here at Pepperoni Bill’s, especially if you love pizza. If you are a crust guy, you will be craving it until you have it again. They have all sorts of specialty items you can choose from or you can even build your own pizza! How cool is that? They are even gluten-free friendly!



Wise Guys Sandwich Pub

Sometimes your mouth just waters for a good sandwich. Wise Guys has some killer sandwiches and some great sides and a large selection of beer to wash it down. Nothing fancy about it, just some great sandwiches that will have you satisfied.




The British elegance ambiance manifests throughout the whole establishment. They have wonderful steak and seafood. They have been voted best restaurant at the Lake multiple times! Come relax on their beautiful patio overlooking the water and enjoy a drink or two!



Wobbly Boots

If you enjoy barbecue like the next guy, this place is a hit. Wobbly Boots is known for their award-winning barbecue and has even been featured in several magazines, including Southern Living! Their mouthwatering food will have you begging for more!


Ice Cream/Frozen Custard:

Randy’s Frozen Custard

Fresh, great-tasting, and affordable. This hole-in-the-wall gem will have you coming back for more. There are so many flavors to try and something for everyone. Randy’s Frozen Custard never disappoints!