Swimming pools are a great add-on to any home. Especially, in the dog days of summer and you just want to jump in and cool off. Having a pool installed may be great; but there are also some downs of it, too. If you are deciding to install a pool for your home. Keep these pros and cons in mind.


Pro: Exercise

We all require exercise every day. This is an easy way to get in your daily workout. You are not sweating like crazy and you do not get tired so quickly. The chilled pool water keeps you cool and wanting to stay and play in the water, resulting in more exercise!

Con: Possible Dangers

There are all sorts of dangers in the world, and having a pool can add on to that list. If someone gets injured; you, as the homeowner, could be held responsible. Make sure you have the proper safety equipment, fencing, and locks to decrease the chances of an incident like that to happen.

Pro: Entertainment

Everyone that owns a pool knows that they have the hangout spot of the summer. Everybody that you know wants to come over and swim. Hosting summer pool parties are so much fun and a great way to socialize with friends, family, and neighbors.

Con: Maintenance

Already, there is so much to do to keep the house up to standards in the summer even without a pool. Adding a pool means extra time, extra effort, and some extra money to upkeep. It is a commitment.

Pro: Adds to Resale Value

Moving and having to sell the home that you love is alway a bummer. Finding a new home is stressful, but selling the one you already have is even more stressful. Lucky for you, having a pool installed in your home ups the resale value. Most home buyers will likely purchase a home with a pool than one without. It is cheaper to buy a home with a pool than it is to install one, but installing one can be a great investment.

Con: May Not Get Back What You Put In

Investing is a game of either winning or losing. You may win and make more than what you put in, but there is also the chance that you may lose some money. If you invested $30,000 in installing a pool, you cannot just tack on another $30,000 to the asking price of your home. You have to get it appraised and correlate with the current housing market at that time.


Gathering all the information you possibly can and having a lot of knowledge about having a pool can help you make the right decision for you.