It is getting to that time of year again. All the flowers are getting ready to bloom, the grass is turning green and the trees are developing leaves. You know what that means. Everyone is going to start judging your yard like they do every year. You do not want it to be displeasing to the eye, but you do not want to spend a fortune to hire a professional, either. With the help of HGTV, here are the steps to make your yard look “professional” without paying the professional cost.

  • Choose a focal point.                                  

Do you have a big, attractive element that you want to exhibit? It could be a pool, a gazebo, or a gorgeous tree. You need something that can draw the viewer’s eye to where you want the focus to be. If you do not have a focal point, you need to place one in before you begin the landscaping process.

  • Make a landscape plan.

Figure out what kind of landscape style you are looking for. It can be modern, tropical, southwestern, or just about anything you like. Once that is determined, figure out where the plants are going to go. Do your research, though. Consider what plants work best in your climate, where the plants need to go for the amount of shade or sunlight they need, and what plants work best with other plants.

  • Begin planting.

You can now start the planting process. Start with your larger plants first, and start close from your focal point and then fan out. This will give your yard a nice background effect.

  • Plant border areas.

To get that "professional" look, plants should be planted in tiers like a cake. The bigger plants, like trees and shrubs, should be in the back. The flowers should be front and center. It gives that background effect and makes the colors in the front pop to really make your yard stand out.

  • Lay down sod.

Sod is a great investment in any landscaping project. It grows well and you can do anything on it; including yard games, sitting out and enjoying the sun, or sports.

  • Add some mulch.

Mulch makes your landscape job look professional. It gives it a very clean and polished look. It also helps with keeping the plants from getting too cold or too hot, and it helps to keep those pesky weeds away.

  • Personalize your landscape to your liking.

Have a little fun with your landscape. Make it creative and different. It helps make your yard stand out. Show a little bit of you into it. It will make a world of difference.

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